At His Pleasure

The 1st time we used the ropes is something I’ll never forget. Master had me strip for Him then laid me down on the bed. He ordered me not to move, to remain perfectly still. The ropes felt so soft on my skin. He took His time tying my legs and hands to the bed so that I lay completely spread open in front of Him. He barely touched me and already I was dripping for Him.

When He finished tying the last knot He stood at the foot of the bed and just stared at me. I felt so vulnerable and exposed. It was exhilarating. I flexed against the ropes a little bit. There was no give I was completely at His mercy. Master began to undress, never taking His eyes off me. I yearned to be able to touch Him, to stroke His cock, kiss him. Anything. No matter how much i tried to move or pull the restraints i couldn’t get close. I needed Him. My whole body ached for His touch on my skin, to feel his weight on me. He climbed onto the bed and kneeled between my legs. One finger stroked my clit, making me moan and twist even harder against the restraints. I felt myself grow even more wet, i didn’t even think it was even possible. The grin on His face let me know He could feel my body’s response to Him.  And He loved it. He knelt down and began kissing my thighs, working His way up, His tongue slowly caressing the outside of my lips, feeling cold on my hot flesh. I cried out desperately, already begging Him to stop teasing me. He continued to trace His tongue along me, refusing to do the one thing I was begging Him to do. I was dripping for Him, needing Him to fill me, use me, and satisfy my need. Instead He rests Himself on my chest, cock stiff and inviting in front of my face. “Is pet hungry?” He grabbed my hair and pulled my head towards His cock, forcing it past my lips. God this is what i craved, needed. To be His little slut, to serve Him anyway He wanted. His gasps and moans as His cock slide in and out of my mouth only made me more wild and more determined to please Him, to make Him cum all over me. He forced my head down even further, making me gag and choke. That seemed to make Him lose all sense of control. He pulled away and grabbed my hips, roughly pushing His big cock into me. I let out a small cry as He thrust deep into me. Not being able to wrap my legs around Him was driving me insane and I longed to be able to move with Him. But that was not going to happen. He was taking what was His and I couldn’t stop Him. I was His plaything. I began to tense up as i realized i was about to climax and i begged Him not to stop. And then He did “Not yet pet, not until I tell you to” It was torture to resist the sensation that was overwhelming me. He continued to move in me, my body shaking with anticipation. Then those four little words “Cum for me pet”.  And i exploded. Waves seemed to crash over me, and i let out a scream as my body spasmed from the force. I was still writhing when my Master pulled out and came all over my face and breasts.

He quickly untied my hands and legs. Picking me up and carried to the bathroom. He turned the shower on and gently cleaned me up. He kissed my wrists where the ropes had chaffed and massaged my shoulders.

Wrapping me in a towel He embraced me and whispered in my ear “Good job kitten, very good job”.


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