Me and My Hard Limits

Hard Limits

It is important to identify what your hard limits are before engaging in anything. My own hard limits are really the most extreme situations possible
in a BDSM scenario. Make sure that your Dom understands your hard limits and why you dislike them or why they are harmful to you.

As i mentioned before i dislike anything that has to do with public humiliation. So that means exhibitionism for me. i like dressing up for Master
and that is it. If He decides to put me on display it is usually in skimpy outfits or slinky dresses on nights out. i battle body image issues all the time
and so i become extremely uncomfortable with the thought of people staring at me.

I have included a list of my hard limits below. Thankfully my Master shares similar hard limits.
1. Exhibitionism
2. Any kind of body fluid play ( urine, feces, vomit etc) with the exception of Masters cum.
3. Asphyxiation: i would like to clarify this one somewhat. i am very turned on by cloth gags, a hand around my neck. But i do not enjoy ball gags, masks, plastic bags or nooses. i don’t feel safe engaging in things like this. Some people do.
4. Animal play….i am not a pony
5. Enemas, examinations, stomach pumping. If your not a medical practitioner don’t do it to me.
6. Swinging: i do not mind engaging in threesomes with my Master however i am not to be shared with other men.

This being said my preferences tend to run a little dark. These include:

1. Knife play: when done properly it can be very sexy and thrilling to feel a knife slicing off your panties or a bra strap.
2. Pain. i have a fairly high tolerance for pain. I like whips, paddles, bare hands, chains, riding crops, hot wax. This is what gets me
really turned on and crazy when i am with Master.
3. Rape/ Non Consent. Let me be very specific. I DO NOT CONDONE THIS IN REAL LIFE!! N O MEANS NO! But when i am with Master and this is something
that we have agreed to before i like to be forced to serve Him. To kneel and take Him in my mouth or to feel Him force my legs open and  tear
my clothes.
4. Costumes. Pretty much everything and anything
5. Slave. That is what i am to my Master. i don’t necessarily clean and cook. But when i come home i get into something sexy and wait for Him to
decide what He wants to do. Whether that is to fuck me right then and there or wait. Or tease me. He owns me. And with that comes protection, caring and
thoughtfulness on His part. But i serve Him totally. There are very few things i can say no to.

**Make sure that everything is discussed prior to engaging in anything. If  you didn’t agree to it or He / She ignores the hard limits you have the right to speak up. This applies to Doms as well. Discuss with your Dom what their hard limits as well and make sure to respect them too.*****


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