I need Him….I am His

Being a submissive is a funny thing. I essentially am going against everything I was taught and everything society tells women. Think about it
we are told we do not need a man to do anything. We can take care of ourselves, we are strong, fierce and independent. Loathe the man who
wants to take care of us, shelter us, or control us. And yet…that is exactly why i chose to be sub. i have always craved being taken care
of, to have someone who loves me and cares for me enough to want to protect me and look after me. And He wants someone who is devoted to Him
in every way possible, to completely trust Him. That is why i chose to be HIS submissive and no one else. This is not a game for us or
a role play exercise. This is who we are at our core. And that is why it works. It is not always easy. There are days neither one of us
wants to be in the roles that we chose. There are periods where it falls by the wayside because of personal situations ( I lost my father in May), or work.
It is normal. It is a taxing decision to be in a D/s relationship. But it is worth it. At least i think so. In the past i always was thinking
of how to make my partner happy, over-thinking ( we women do this a lot) things during sex and not enjoying myself. i don’t have this problem anymore.
Everything is decided for me. i can focus on me and Him. That’s it that’s all. His pleasure comes from having me serve Him in whatever way He wants.
And i get the strong, dominant man i have always craved. There is nothing more satisfying then when He comes home and throws me on the bed, lifts my ass up
and taking me because it is His right to. I cannot say no ( not that i ever really want to). Or to have Him push me against the wall and open my legs while He
uses His tongue to show me who i belong to.

I belong to Him, but that does not mean i am not my own person. There have been many times where we clash or get frustrated at each other.
This is never gonna be easy, but i don’t want easy. I want rough, i want the storms and  the darkness that comes along with this. i am
finally satisfied and happy, all because of Him.


3 thoughts on “I need Him….I am His

  1. SubbyWife says:

    What a wonderfully touching post. I agree… sometimes it is hard to reconcile what we feel with what society tells us to feel. I, personally, have always loved a strong, dominant man. I have always been more drawn to traditional roles than the ones we are now taught, but it is definitely not for everyone. It is an eye-opening journey where you have to ask yourself the hard questions, face your demons, and find your own way…. but it IS worth it!


    • ladymaeve24 says:

      thank you for commenting. I love hearing from other submissives. I am similar to you in that I identify with more traditional female roles ( homemaker, wife etc) but i am fully capable of being a strong bad ass chick on my own 🙂 but sometimes i feel that we cannot express the preferences we have for fear of looking weak or like a doormat. I love my Master for knowing this and encouraging me to embrace it 🙂

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