My Hardest Moments…

i was asked earlier today what the hardest time for me as a submissive was. this is a complex answer for me. if we are talking about one event
specifically it would have to be after my dad passed away. i was in a dark and very lonely place and i could not find any reason to be a perfect submissive to my Master when i couldn’t even control my own emotions. i was under a great deal of stress and was always tired and irritated. if i had tried to be His submissive, His pet i think i would have ended up resenting Him. Being the amazing man that He is he
understood this and stepped up to take care of me even more so. My dad was the rock in my life and Master easily took on the role for me.
To be honest i don’t know how i would have managed without Him. We are now starting to get back into the swing of things and i am more eager than ever to serve because He took the time to make sure i was in the right mental state to be able to assume my roles and for that i am so grateful. He never once demanded of me something i could not give.

In a more general sense at least once a week i find it hard to be a submissive. Some days i am too tired or too stressed to want to cater
to Him. Other days i have body issues and so the last thing i want to do is squeeze into skimpy lingerie ( i went from 220pds to 130 in the past few years). And sometimes i just want to be alone with my bf and do average couple things. Master knows this and so those days He makes sure to pay a little more attention
to me or to treat me to something i really like ( this usually involves a very long session of Him going down on me 😉

It will always be a battle between what you want and don’t want. I’m not going to lie. Some days you will be mad at Him or want to
punish Him. Communication. Communicate to Him how you feel. Make sure you have an open dialogue. Plan to take one day that you
both put your roles aside. Decide together.

Hopefully this was insightful to my lovely kittens, princesses, littles and pets 🙂 and thank you to Mrs. A for suggesting this 🙂


2 thoughts on “My Hardest Moments…

  1. Mrs. A says:

    Okay good! I dont feel so bad for feeling like this. Maybe we do need to just take a chill day each week. sometimes i cant really decipher when we are just “us” again. It will probably help us stay as eager to continue our Dom/sub relationship. Communication is a little difficult for me sometimes. Even before this, i felt like i was being a burden by bringing something up. I will take note to do better with communicating with Him. Thanks babe!!

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