Discovering Myself

When i first started to realize that i was extremely turned on by the idea of a BDSM relationship, of being spanked and tied up, completely at the mercy of my partner i thought something was wrong with me. where as other teen girls were appalled at the idea of being tied up and left to the devices of the villain in novels, i was aroused. i didn’t know what to think of this. i would never condone forcing anyone to do something they are not agreeable to ( sex, touching etc) but the thought of this happening to me peaked my interests. i would often fantasize about being caught in a gym locker room by a team of randy Rugby players and being forced to serve them in anyway imaginable ( to be clear i would never do this in real life but the fantasy has always turned me on). When i began to have sex i quickly noticed that a lot of guys seemed to be intimidated by the idea of being dominant and taking charge. When i would beg for them to take what was theirs, to show me who i belonged to they would timidly smack my ass or pull my hair. Needless to say i was left wanting, unhappy. i would put what i wanted on the back burner because it was convenient.

When i began my relationship with my Master he made sure to discuss what i wanted, what i liked. the sex that we began to have was insane and i finally felt fulfilled. the first time i was hit with a paddle my whole body felt like it was on fire and i was more turned on then i had ever been before. Wearing a collar and leash made me crazy for Him. Making Him happy made me happy, Him controlling my pleasure and the pain was amazing. He would take what was His, owning me, controlling me, but never forcing me to change who i was. i would beg to be His slut, His plaything and he would gladly oblige.

For the first time in forever ( cliche i know) i actually was satisfied with sex and my partner. My needs were and always are met, and i am never left wanting.


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