Hours of Fun

Snoro Vibrator

One of my favorite products ever. its small and discreet and oh so fun.
Its multispeed functions are incredible. From pulsating to quick short vibrations you are bound to find something that you will like. Personally
i love the color and the fact that it has a purple/pink light as well. Not only does this do magic as a personal vibrator but it can also
be used as a cock ring for even more fun with you and your partner. What i like about it as a cock ring is  that unlike traditional rings
this one is not rigid plastic. It actually has a piece of flexible silicon attached to a small ring that can be placed on the outside of
the vibrating piece. its good because there is no danger of not being able to get it off of your partner and i find that it
rests exactly where it needs to to get the job done ; )
Furthermore it is USB chargable. You can plug it into your computer or even a car charger ( yes i have done this while on long road trips ) which
makes this insanely convenient when on the go. I would highly recommend that you try  this product out for yourselves as Master nad i have
enjoyed hours of fun with it.

– Hold button for three (3) seconds to turn on
-click button once each time you want to cycle through the speeds
-Hold for three (3) seconds to turn off





One thought on “Hours of Fun

  1. SubbyWife says:

    Ooohhh!!! That definitely looks fun, but the name keeps making me giggle and thinking that I might fall asleep while using it. LOL!
    Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be able to use the cock ring part of it because hubby turns into 3 second man when vibrations are involved. hehe.


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