Under Control

Domination = Rough

This is not always true. When one hears the word domination/ submission in the context of BDSM it is most commonly associated with the rough grab you by the neck face down and ass up fucking ( which lets be frank is amazing). But to dominate does not always mean to be rough and aggressive. Control can come in many forms. It can be as simple as a look or brief touch.
Different situations call for different approaches. Master most commonly uses touch to put me in my place. A hand on the back of my neck and a squeeze is all it takes for me to know that i am in trouble. His hand running down my back, barely touching me is enough to send shivers down my spine and let me know that i belong to Him.
Touch is his way of controlling me. Laying in bed at night his hands caress my thighs, my neck and back. Lips on my throat and neck.
His fingers barely brushing my panties….stroking and teasing for what seems like forever. Then finally getting me to the point where i am soaking wet and begging, panting, screaming for Him to use me anyway that HE demands or wants. That’s how he shows his control. And He doesn’t need to tie me down or restrain me to get me to listen. Just the threat of Him stopping is enough to put me on my best behavior.

Out in public he rarely leaves me by myself and is always touching me somehow. Holding my hand, arm around my waist. Not only does he let me
know who i belong to but he makes damn sure that everyone else knows.
He is my wolf, i His kitten. And while he protects me and adores me He knows how to make me do anything and everything he wants..with little to no effort. He dominates my mind as well as my body. i am always thinking of ways to please Him make Him happy, perform for Him.

How does your Master/ Dom control you?


One thought on “Under Control

  1. Mrs. A says:

    holy crap. i will finally be face to face with my Master next week. I cant wait to truly start our lifestyle. Ive been waiting to feel His hands on me. I love this. Im sending this to him now! lol


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