I am who I am

I lay secure to the bed. Arms and legs fastened to each of the four corners. I have a little give with the ropes but not much. Laying there naked and waiting i realize this why i chose to be a sub. To give control of my pleasure to another. I can hear Master walking around the room admiring me, letting the anticipation build. It is these few minutes where i find myself. I listen to the rise and fall of my breathing, i feel myself trembling, waiting for his touch never knowing when i will be graced with the feel of his hands on my body. I am in my own world while i wait to serve Him. I realize that for the first time i have found my place. It is as his play thing, his toy, his “pet”. Everything before this meant nothing. There was no connection as strong as the one I have with my Master. These moments alone allow me to serve Him better and to serve myself. It is an awakening. I continue to wait;anxious and a little nervous but excited… so excited.


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