I love Sex

there is nothing more enjoyable to me then sex ( except perhaps food). there is always that initial tingling that course through my body when He touches me, when i feel His lips on my neck, or feel His cock pressing against me. i experience a
feeling of breathlessness as my clothes are removed and i can feel bare skin on bare skin. few things make me feel like more of a woman then being spread out beneath Him, His full weight on me and knowing that He is just as eager as i am to begin. But rarely does He do things rushed. He teases me, caresses me, bites me. He does everything that He knows will drive me crazy, and He knows every trick.
The moment He enters me….driving every inch into me, without fail i let out a moan or a cry, no matter how long its been, or if we just had sex it always feels like the first time with Him, because of the anticipation that He builds in me. Before long i am calling out His name as i cum over and over, begging for more, not to stop. But i am not the only one who is losing themselves. His thrusts become harder and deeper, if we started out gentle and loving it is not that way any longer. The animal that is always there has broken through and is not only claiming Him but me as well. Finally that moment when He cries out and bites my neck, burying Himself as deep as He can go, filling me.

That is why i love sex. it is the deepest connection that you can have with someone and you are at your most vulnerable. Not just physically
exposed but mentally and emotionally as well. we all have issues with how we look sometimes ( on several occasions the thought of squeezing into slutty lingerie made me nervous) but to let someone into the deepest most depraved corners of your mind ( well at least in my case) can be scary.Master is still learning what i like and what gets me going. It’s trial and error and that is what’s so much fun. But ease your partner into it. It can sometimes be overwhelming for them. It took me months to reveal to Master my preference for Hentai porn. Once i did though i was pleasesd
to find out that it was something He enjoyed as well. And so sometimes when we are feeling particularly naughty we will watch a video together and i can
confirm that we never finish it. we are too quick to get entangled with each other.
Despite the fact that my preferences as a submissive runs towards the darker more depraved aspects of it i am actually a romantic at heart and technically fall under the category of “romantic submissive” ( i will be doing a piece soon on terms in BDSM).  From a very young age reading romance novels and reading the descriptions of the passionate almost desperate sex between the main characters drove me to the edge. Strong male characters who protected their women but took them when and where they wanted. THat was something i always craved, and i am grateful that i have found my strong Man.

Sex can be so much fun if people would let themselves relax and enjoy it. One of Masters favorite things is to have me face Him and play with myself until i cum. It doesnt matter how many times i have done this before. Not only does it turn Him on to watch His pet but He learns what  i like, how i like to be touched. And i love watching Him as well. It is important to do this i think. You know yourself better then anyone else. If you dont show your partner what you like then you have no right to be upset when your needs are met. Simple as that.

Toys are also another fun aspect of my relationship. Master would never feel less than a man just because i have my  toys. And they can be so much fun as a couple. He loves teasing me with my favorite little vibrator, watching me squirm and pant as He lightly touches my hot spots.And so many toys are water proof it makes everything that much more fun.

Ladies, costumes are not just for us either. Men in lingerie is not appealing to me, but Master knows what outfits drive me insane ( his military uniform, shirtless with just jeans). Let your partner know what clothing you enjoy.

Even if you are in a submissive/ dominant relationship with someone there is a level of trust and caring that few people are able to experience. Capitalize on that.
This is your truest self, dont be afraid to show it, this is your safe place. With someone who respects and enjoys that about you.


4 thoughts on “I love Sex

    • ladymaeve24 says:

      i agree and that is why the most fulfilling sex i have ever had has been with my Master. i don’t think. i act. i am completely and totally myself for the first time. sadly sex for women is a lot about what goes on in our mind as much as it is a physical act as well. we need to let ourselves go. it’s not always about pleasing our man, it’s about us as well and too many women forget that.
      hope everyone is having lots and lots of enjoyable sex !

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    • ladymaeve24 says:

      i agree. Especially when engaging in certain acts you need to be completely trusting. But you also need to trust that the person will not use what they know against you in anyway or abuse the power and responsibility you give them. And they trust you to be open and communicate with them and to be totally vulnerable.

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