Submissive Choices

I happened upon this the other day when i was looking up different types of submissives and definitions. I can tell you that this is not a comprehensive or complete list, but it is a good starting point to understand yourself and your preferences.  I know that i identify partly as a romantic submissive. so while i am devoted and obey Master, and focus on His pleasure it is because i love Him and i do it out of affection and adoration. And a lot of our interactions are based on that. At the same time i also identify with some of aspects of the “slave ” submissives as well. It can create a very interesting dynamic..least for me. I encourage everyone to look into the types of submissives, but dont label yourself as one thing or another. Find different aspects that you like from all of them or only one. Enjoy your kinks 🙂 Get your nasty on


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