Yesterday marked 1 year since me and Master became official. Not as Master and sub but as a couple. It has been an interesting journey so far that is for sure.
He is an incredible man and i couldnt imagine my life without anyone but Him. Not only is he an amazing life partner, caring and generous and supportive of everything i  want to do, but those same qualities manifest themselves in His role as my Master as well. He never pushes me harder than my limits, even when i think i can be pushed. He is understanding of my needs and wants and is careful to make sure that they are met at all times when together.
When i mentioned i wanted to begin a blog about our journey together He was excited and urged me to pursue it, and continues to encourage me
even when i doubt myself ( which happens a lot).

As i have mentioned before i am not the easiest person to get along with. i am stubborn and sometimes aggressive. i have a temper and attitude
that others have found unsavoury. But Master is never deterred, He calls me His Irish Spitfire. Even when i have no reason to be mad or upset with
Him he never snaps back or gets angry in return. He tries to understand and help me get to the root of everything, and for that i will be eternally grateful.

I am so excited to be able to build a life with Him, a future with just the two of us, and everything we want to do together.
I love Him more than i ever thought i could and sometimes that scares me. But i know he loves me just as much and will always
protect me and keep me from harm. Not just as my Master but as the love of my life as well.

Happy Anniversary Master, je t’aime.


One thought on “Celebration

  1. sofia says:

    Hi, there! Welcome to the blogosphere. Looks like you’re just getting started on your blogging journey. It’s nice to meet you – hope to see you around. (This sounds like it might be spam doesn’t it? Ugh – i don’t know what else to say!! Sorry. It’s not spam, I swear.)



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