My Favorite Toys

Toys can be sooo much fun in the bedroom, and there is such a large selection to choose from now. I have listed my five favorite toys; some are very simple. What are your favorite toys ?

  1. The Snorro: a small purple vibrator that can double as a cock ring as well 😉 i have mentioned this toy before and i have to say this is probably my favorite vibrator ever. Small and with numerous speeds it is also water proof and usb rechargeable. The cord that is used to turn into a cock ring is flexible and more safe than a rigid cock ring as the cord can be cut in emergency situations. if i was only allowed to use one toy for the rest of my life i would choose this one.

2. Japanese Silk Rope: this is a great tool for making rope body harnesses or to make sure that i cannot move when Master decides to tie me down and use me. It is soft and not too abrasive on the hands and wrists. They come in numerous colors and lengths. The one i am showing here is enough to make a rope harness for a woman who is almost 6 ft tall.

3. XO Leather riding crop: My absolute favorite tool for punishment. It is made of leather and on either side of the flat leather part is an “X” or an “O” made out of small silver studs. Contact against bare skin leaves behind an impression of the letter. Put it in the freezer before use for a little added sting. I prefer crops to whips and this one is the best for spankings.

4. Massage Oil/ Edible Lube candles

These are a lot of fun and can make anyone hot and bothered. The was melts into edible massage oil and lube in a variety of flavors. Master likes to pour the hot wax on as punishment and then uses the oil to massage any sore or chaffed areas after a rough session.

5. Ben Wa Balls: these are inserted into the vagina similarly to a tampon and help strengthen kegel muscles. It is interesting sensation to be wearing them all day running errands and can create a powerful feeling while used during intercourse. They come in various sizes for different levels of experience and some come with a small string so that they can be removed easily.


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