Why I love being with Master

There are so many reasons why i love being with my Master, and why i love being His submissive. i am able to be myself with Him, more than i ever have been with anyone else. i don’t have to worry about hiding my darkest desires or fantasies from Him, and nothing ever really disturbs Him.Here is my list of reasons why i love being with Him….

  1. Nothing is really too complicated with Him. We are how we are and that’s it. We are lovers and life partners. We are also Master and Pet. It is not always easy and sometimes we are unsure but never is it complicated or hard to be in a relationship with each other. We fit well together and feed off each other. 
  2. He never tries or wants to change who i am. i can be belligerent, short-tempered, moody and aggressive at times. i can also be flakey and closed off from everyone. i am over the top at times and hyper. And He loves every aspect of who i am. 
  3. He will never hurt me ( unless i ask Him to). not just physically either. He is alwaths careful with what He says or does. He never gives me a reason to doubt that He loves me and needs me in His life. And if we fight He never goes for the easy attacks.
  4. He brings out a  side of me that has not had a chance to thrive. As His pet He has allowed me the chance to become what i need to be to be fulfilled and satisfied. When i am with Him i become this nasty, dirty, slut. His nympho, to be used and abused by Him over and over again. He makes me want to do things i never thought i would ever do. i have always been aware my sexuality and my preferences, but Master takes them to new extremes. 
  5.  He is an amazing lover. He is sensitive and patient and caring. But he is also rough, and wild and seems to get lost in the act as much as i do. He is incredibly thorough and thrives on giving me pleasure and giving me orgasm over after orgasm no matter how long it may take. That’s how he gets His pleasure. The sound of his breathe quickening while i suck His cock. How he grabs my hips and holds me down when He thrusts into me. Not to mention how He looks at me like He could just devour me whenever He sees me naked. The feeling of His beard against my skin as He kisses my neck, stomach, the inside of my thighs….and how after everything He holds me close, and makes sure that i am ok and taken care of.  
  6. He is a romantic at heart. Under his tough, manly exterior He is gentle and thoughtful. 
  7. He is my best friend, my rock, He is my everything. 

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