A Prisoner to A Queen

A prisoner of my own mind…i was broken and fragile before Him. Locked in a room that I had no escape from. Darkness surrounded me, chains forged by hurt and lies from those who promised to love and desired to protect me. Bitter and hurt i become comfortable with being alone in the darkness. Until He came…i fought fiercely to protect myself from this intrusion into the solitude i had built for myself. Not wanting to be found or rescued, to become lost within unfulfilled promises. He did not run from my darkness, but shared it with me. He grew comfortable with my demons. No longer was the darkness my weakness, it was now my strength. Over time He broke the chains that held me. He was the first one who ever accepted what i was and who wanted to tame it. Control it. Play with it. Never trying to change me, but teaching me to let it grow. By His side i became a Queen, strong and powerful and in control of myself for once. All He asked was submission to Him and no other. To give to Him what i lost before. Trust, my mind, my body. To open myself to Him and be His above all others. It was a simple price to pay to find my place, to belong. No longer was i held back by the thoughts i once had, of inadequacy, of paranoia, overthinking. Letting myself go, letting Him take control of me i found what i was missing. My Master, my King, my Protector. The chains i wear now are gilded and worn by choice. i serve willingly and eagerly the one who rescued me.i have fear by His side. He has taken me from a prisoner to a Queen.


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