Who I Am

A Submissives Uniform

A Submissives Uniform

I am a 24 year old submissive who with Masters permission has decided to share my experiences and journey others like me. I have noticed that there is a lot of misinformation out there and sometimes it can lead to negative situations.  I am very open with my lifestyle and I don’t hide too much when it comes to who I am and what I like. I was lucky to meet my Dom and love of my life at such a young age. He is a smart, quiet, strong man who chose me to be His. I am utterly devoted to Him in and out of our bedroom. It is an honour for me to serve Him and be completely open to Him. This is a safe place for submissives and Dominants to share their experiences, questions, concerns and to find like minded individuals.


At 24 I am young  but I’ve known for a while what I am. People are often shocked to discover my role as a submissive. Some are a little put off by it, others immediately refer to 50 Shades of Grey ( which I really dislike). Others are curious to know how I became a sub and when I knew I wanted to be one.

I was around seventeen when I began to become more and more excited by the thought of a man taking control of me; of serving on my hands and knees a strong and confident man. Whips, spanking and bondage aroused me. I noticed that although I had a good, satisfying sex life with decent partners something was lacking. The boys I had been with before didn’t mind the occasional slap on the ass or using a blindfold, but no one would go the extremes I craved.

I enjoy being a submissive because I thrive knowing someone is in control of my pleasure and wants to be. For me being a submissive does not mean being a weak woman. It is in fact the exact opposite. I have always been taught to be independant and strong and to pursue anything I choose. Giving control to someone is a testament to my strength, I am trusting someone with the most intimate part of me. 


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