A Prisoner to A Queen

A prisoner of my own mind…i was broken and fragile before Him. Locked in a room that I had no escape from. Darkness surrounded me, chains forged by hurt and lies from those who promised to love and desired to protect me. Bitter and hurt i become comfortable with being alone in the darkness. Until He came…i fought fiercely to protect myself from this intrusion into the solitude i had built for myself. Not wanting to be found or rescued, to become lost within unfulfilled promises. He did not run from my darkness, but shared it with me. He grew comfortable with my demons. No longer was the darkness my weakness, it was now my strength. Over time He broke the chains that held me. He was the first one who ever accepted what i was and who wanted to tame it. Control it. Play with it. Never trying to change me, but teaching me to let it grow. By His side i became a Queen, strong and powerful and in control of myself for once. All He asked was submission to Him and no other. To give to Him what i lost before. Trust, my mind, my body. To open myself to Him and be His above all others. It was a simple price to pay to find my place, to belong. No longer was i held back by the thoughts i once had, of inadequacy, of paranoia, overthinking. Letting myself go, letting Him take control of me i found what i was missing. My Master, my King, my Protector. The chains i wear now are gilded and worn by choice. i serve willingly and eagerly the one who rescued me.i have fear by His side. He has taken me from a prisoner to a Queen.


Vanilla.vs. Kink

i have never found it hard to talk to my vanilla friends about my lifestyle. i am not sure whether that just means that i have friends who are very understanding. Or they don’t tell me what they really feel. i do not hide who i am or what i like and don’t really mind talking about it ( obviously). even some of my co-workers know about my lifestyle ( i also work with my Master). At first they think that i was influenced by certain books **cough cough** but i politely explain to them what it is i look for and what Master requires of me. More often than not i find out that they share similar interests but prefer to keep them confined to the bedroom where as i engage in it all the time.

i have yet to meet anyone who has been put off or disturbed by what i tell them. They tend to be very curious. One thing that i have noticed though is that some of my male friends and acquaintances seem to think its ok to issue commands or demand that i do as they tell me because i am a submissive. Never is this ok. And this makes me mad to no end. Just because i obey ONE man does not mean i will obey any man. I choose to obey my Master and it took me a long time to get to a point where i met someone i trusted enough to take control for me. And when people assume that i will just bow down to them just because they tell me too ….it shows a lack of respect for me and my Master. If you disrespect one you disrespect the other. Thankfully though this does not happen often. 

My vanilla friends always ask me why i am a submissive, when did i know, how did i choose Master. It is sometimes hard to answer them and explain to them the needs i have or my desires ( especially when they border on violent  or aggressive). i didn’t choose my Master so much as i realized He was the one i had been waiting for, to give myself to. 

Not everyone will understand your lifestyle choice and that’s ok. Unfortunately there is still so much stigma surrounding BDSM. Too many people assume it is a world of torture or abnormalities. When talking to your friends or family ( should you choose to ) it is important to clarify what being a submissive means to you. It is not necessary to go into details about your actual sex life (unless you feel the need to ). Explain why you chose to pursue that lifestyle, how it makes you feel, what aspects interest you. The most common question I get is why? Why I allow someone to control me, hurt me. I explain to them that my Dom doesn’t hurt me in the same way that they think He does. The pain he inflicts as punishment is within the boundaries of what I can handle and is never used without reason.  I gain pleasure from it and my Dom knows this. He is controlled in everything that He does to me. And in return I serve Him and allow Him to take charge.

Be open to questions ( you will get a lot of them) and dont be upset by their reactions. This is a taboo world you have entered and not everyone will be able to accept that

I think my biggest suggestion for someone who wants to open up to their vanilla friends about their lifestyle is to be proud of who you are and not to be ashamed at all. Be open to questions and do not be offended if they seem shocked. 


Guest Bloggers

I would like some of my followers and fellow bloggers to take the opportunity and post links to their blogs here, or to submit erotica or advice.

You can submit posts and links here: leatherandlacesite@gmail.com

I will review and approve submissions and post them here 🙂



thank you to everyone who has supported me so far…….stay kinky !

Your Stories

Hello All, I do apologize for my absence recently . As I am sure that you all have noticed I am working on updating my site and adding new content. I would like to have a “Your Stories ” where people who follow me can send in their stories about entering the lifestyles, how they came to get involved. When they knew that they were, how they met their partners etc. If you would like to submit your story please send it to : leatherandlacesite@gmail.com



Everything you need to know about sex ;)

My oh my what a weekend ! Master took me to a convention here allll about sex. I  nearly had an overload of wanting to do everything and see everything. I was thrilled to be able to get in touch with a community group that promotes safe environments for people engaging in all types of alternative sexual preferences. They even have classes and a library to learn more. We decided to get a membership for the year so that we can engage in private parties and events. Master is very excited, they have a cross that you can use on stage. I was over whelmed with all the toys there were. Particularly the custom furniture for punishment of a submissive. And there was virtual porn too…i like to call it cockulus rift…hahahhaha. I got spoiled with new toys from Master…keigel balls, candles that are massage oil, and a slew of new vibrators. All the shows and vendors got us in the mood. And Master punished me for teasing Him all day……;)

Back soon

Sorry I have been away for a little while. There is a lot on my plate and me and Master have been caught up with work and schooling and personal things. But after the holidays I will be back and posting at least 3 times a week. Everyone can send me messages or suggestions for posts you would like to see me write. Dont hesitate to send me questions either I am open and willing to talk about pretty much anything. Also if you have Twitter and Facebook let me know! I will send you requests, start following you, I ask you do the same.


Happy Holidays to Everyone lots of love and kink to all of you ! *muah*


Yesterday marked 1 year since me and Master became official. Not as Master and sub but as a couple. It has been an interesting journey so far that is for sure.
He is an incredible man and i couldnt imagine my life without anyone but Him. Not only is he an amazing life partner, caring and generous and supportive of everything i  want to do, but those same qualities manifest themselves in His role as my Master as well. He never pushes me harder than my limits, even when i think i can be pushed. He is understanding of my needs and wants and is careful to make sure that they are met at all times when together.
When i mentioned i wanted to begin a blog about our journey together He was excited and urged me to pursue it, and continues to encourage me
even when i doubt myself ( which happens a lot).

As i have mentioned before i am not the easiest person to get along with. i am stubborn and sometimes aggressive. i have a temper and attitude
that others have found unsavoury. But Master is never deterred, He calls me His Irish Spitfire. Even when i have no reason to be mad or upset with
Him he never snaps back or gets angry in return. He tries to understand and help me get to the root of everything, and for that i will be eternally grateful.

I am so excited to be able to build a life with Him, a future with just the two of us, and everything we want to do together.
I love Him more than i ever thought i could and sometimes that scares me. But i know he loves me just as much and will always
protect me and keep me from harm. Not just as my Master but as the love of my life as well.

Happy Anniversary Master, je t’aime.

I love Sex

there is nothing more enjoyable to me then sex ( except perhaps food). there is always that initial tingling that course through my body when He touches me, when i feel His lips on my neck, or feel His cock pressing against me. i experience a
feeling of breathlessness as my clothes are removed and i can feel bare skin on bare skin. few things make me feel like more of a woman then being spread out beneath Him, His full weight on me and knowing that He is just as eager as i am to begin. But rarely does He do things rushed. He teases me, caresses me, bites me. He does everything that He knows will drive me crazy, and He knows every trick.
The moment He enters me….driving every inch into me, without fail i let out a moan or a cry, no matter how long its been, or if we just had sex it always feels like the first time with Him, because of the anticipation that He builds in me. Before long i am calling out His name as i cum over and over, begging for more, not to stop. But i am not the only one who is losing themselves. His thrusts become harder and deeper, if we started out gentle and loving it is not that way any longer. The animal that is always there has broken through and is not only claiming Him but me as well. Finally that moment when He cries out and bites my neck, burying Himself as deep as He can go, filling me.

That is why i love sex. it is the deepest connection that you can have with someone and you are at your most vulnerable. Not just physically
exposed but mentally and emotionally as well. we all have issues with how we look sometimes ( on several occasions the thought of squeezing into slutty lingerie made me nervous) but to let someone into the deepest most depraved corners of your mind ( well at least in my case) can be scary.Master is still learning what i like and what gets me going. It’s trial and error and that is what’s so much fun. But ease your partner into it. It can sometimes be overwhelming for them. It took me months to reveal to Master my preference for Hentai porn. Once i did though i was pleasesd
to find out that it was something He enjoyed as well. And so sometimes when we are feeling particularly naughty we will watch a video together and i can
confirm that we never finish it. we are too quick to get entangled with each other.
Despite the fact that my preferences as a submissive runs towards the darker more depraved aspects of it i am actually a romantic at heart and technically fall under the category of “romantic submissive” ( i will be doing a piece soon on terms in BDSM).  From a very young age reading romance novels and reading the descriptions of the passionate almost desperate sex between the main characters drove me to the edge. Strong male characters who protected their women but took them when and where they wanted. THat was something i always craved, and i am grateful that i have found my strong Man.

Sex can be so much fun if people would let themselves relax and enjoy it. One of Masters favorite things is to have me face Him and play with myself until i cum. It doesnt matter how many times i have done this before. Not only does it turn Him on to watch His pet but He learns what  i like, how i like to be touched. And i love watching Him as well. It is important to do this i think. You know yourself better then anyone else. If you dont show your partner what you like then you have no right to be upset when your needs are met. Simple as that.

Toys are also another fun aspect of my relationship. Master would never feel less than a man just because i have my  toys. And they can be so much fun as a couple. He loves teasing me with my favorite little vibrator, watching me squirm and pant as He lightly touches my hot spots.And so many toys are water proof it makes everything that much more fun.

Ladies, costumes are not just for us either. Men in lingerie is not appealing to me, but Master knows what outfits drive me insane ( his military uniform, shirtless with just jeans). Let your partner know what clothing you enjoy.

Even if you are in a submissive/ dominant relationship with someone there is a level of trust and caring that few people are able to experience. Capitalize on that.
This is your truest self, dont be afraid to show it, this is your safe place. With someone who respects and enjoys that about you.

Hello Everyone

Good Morning to my Darlings
i know that i have not been posting as frequently as i used to. That tricky thing called life has caught up with me unfortunately ( i am also
planning my birthday party and Masters, mine is Oct 8th). I will be having some new content up soon including more product reviews hopefully
and Master has agreed to write some pieces for the Dominants section as well : )
So keep an eye out for that! I have not forgotten you and everything will return to normal soon.

May your days be filled with lots spankings, whippings and good fucks!

Lady Maeve

Hours of Fun

Snoro Vibrator

One of my favorite products ever. its small and discreet and oh so fun.
Its multispeed functions are incredible. From pulsating to quick short vibrations you are bound to find something that you will like. Personally
i love the color and the fact that it has a purple/pink light as well. Not only does this do magic as a personal vibrator but it can also
be used as a cock ring for even more fun with you and your partner. What i like about it as a cock ring is  that unlike traditional rings
this one is not rigid plastic. It actually has a piece of flexible silicon attached to a small ring that can be placed on the outside of
the vibrating piece. its good because there is no danger of not being able to get it off of your partner and i find that it
rests exactly where it needs to to get the job done ; )
Furthermore it is USB chargable. You can plug it into your computer or even a car charger ( yes i have done this while on long road trips ) which
makes this insanely convenient when on the go. I would highly recommend that you try  this product out for yourselves as Master nad i have
enjoyed hours of fun with it.

– Hold button for three (3) seconds to turn on
-click button once each time you want to cycle through the speeds
-Hold for three (3) seconds to turn off