House Rules

1. Always refer to Him as “Master” or “Sir”

2. Respond ” Yes, sir” “No Master”

3. When alone with him at home lingerie or sexy attire that He has deemed appropriate must be worn along with collar, leash and heels

4. At all times be ready and willing to serve Him.

5. Whether on my own or with Him every time I have an orgasm I must thank Him verbally ( or by text).

6. When being punished I must thank my Master

7. When He enters a room I must stand until He is seated or tells me otherwise. I must always ensure that he is served before me

8. When wearing my collar or leash I must always obey Him

9. As His pet I must let him know when a scenario has become too much for me or if I need a break ( although He is always attentive and caring He cannot read my mind). This is when a safe word must be used.