A Prisoner to A Queen

A prisoner of my own mind…i was broken and fragile before Him. Locked in a room that I had no escape from. Darkness surrounded me, chains forged by hurt and lies from those who promised to love and desired to protect me. Bitter and hurt i become comfortable with being alone in the darkness. Until He came…i fought fiercely to protect myself from this intrusion into the solitude i had built for myself. Not wanting to be found or rescued, to become lost within unfulfilled promises. He did not run from my darkness, but shared it with me. He grew comfortable with my demons. No longer was the darkness my weakness, it was now my strength. Over time He broke the chains that held me. He was the first one who ever accepted what i was and who wanted to tame it. Control it. Play with it. Never trying to change me, but teaching me to let it grow. By His side i became a Queen, strong and powerful and in control of myself for once. All He asked was submission to Him and no other. To give to Him what i lost before. Trust, my mind, my body. To open myself to Him and be His above all others. It was a simple price to pay to find my place, to belong. No longer was i held back by the thoughts i once had, of inadequacy, of paranoia, overthinking. Letting myself go, letting Him take control of me i found what i was missing. My Master, my King, my Protector. The chains i wear now are gilded and worn by choice. i serve willingly and eagerly the one who rescued me.i have fear by His side. He has taken me from a prisoner to a Queen.


Why I love being with Master

There are so many reasons why i love being with my Master, and why i love being His submissive. i am able to be myself with Him, more than i ever have been with anyone else. i don’t have to worry about hiding my darkest desires or fantasies from Him, and nothing ever really disturbs Him.Here is my list of reasons why i love being with Him….

  1. Nothing is really too complicated with Him. We are how we are and that’s it. We are lovers and life partners. We are also Master and Pet. It is not always easy and sometimes we are unsure but never is it complicated or hard to be in a relationship with each other. We fit well together and feed off each other. 
  2. He never tries or wants to change who i am. i can be belligerent, short-tempered, moody and aggressive at times. i can also be flakey and closed off from everyone. i am over the top at times and hyper. And He loves every aspect of who i am. 
  3. He will never hurt me ( unless i ask Him to). not just physically either. He is alwaths careful with what He says or does. He never gives me a reason to doubt that He loves me and needs me in His life. And if we fight He never goes for the easy attacks.
  4. He brings out a  side of me that has not had a chance to thrive. As His pet He has allowed me the chance to become what i need to be to be fulfilled and satisfied. When i am with Him i become this nasty, dirty, slut. His nympho, to be used and abused by Him over and over again. He makes me want to do things i never thought i would ever do. i have always been aware my sexuality and my preferences, but Master takes them to new extremes. 
  5.  He is an amazing lover. He is sensitive and patient and caring. But he is also rough, and wild and seems to get lost in the act as much as i do. He is incredibly thorough and thrives on giving me pleasure and giving me orgasm over after orgasm no matter how long it may take. That’s how he gets His pleasure. The sound of his breathe quickening while i suck His cock. How he grabs my hips and holds me down when He thrusts into me. Not to mention how He looks at me like He could just devour me whenever He sees me naked. The feeling of His beard against my skin as He kisses my neck, stomach, the inside of my thighs….and how after everything He holds me close, and makes sure that i am ok and taken care of.  
  6. He is a romantic at heart. Under his tough, manly exterior He is gentle and thoughtful. 
  7. He is my best friend, my rock, He is my everything. 

After 2 weeks

I got home and i was exhausted as was Master. I quickly got undressed and went to lay in bed for a bit. He joined me shortly after and snuggled next to me his face buried in my neck. The scratch of His beard against my skin was arousing, its roughness tickling me. He began to kiss my neck, running hands along my hips and up my body. He pressed against me and I could feel His large cock already hard like a rock. Sliding a finger in my panties He began to tease me and i was wet within seconds. I began to moan and push my ass against Him, panting heavily. God i needed Him so desperately and i wanted Him in me then and there.  He rolled me onto my back and kissed me deeply, His tongue forceful, hungry. I ran my nails down His back, and trailed a nail down the nape of His neck , knowing that touching Him there drove Him insane. I could feel Him tense up and His breathing quicken. I moved from underneath Him and straddled Him. I began moving my hips back and forth, rubbing my lace panties against His cock, smiling as He moaned and grabbed my hips making me speed up. It felt so good to be naked and feel His skin against mine, hear His breathing quicken. He pulled me off of Him and pinned me to the bed, sliding my panties to the side. He rubbed His cock against my wet cunt teasing me before ramming His full length deep into me. I gasped and tried to adjust myself to take Him. He thrust into me, deep and forceful. Within minutes I came as He continued to thrust and bite and kiss me.
Pulling out He laid me on my stomach and forced my legs apart and wrapped His hands around my throat, He began to move quicker. ” You’re my dirty slut aren’t you, only good for being fucked aren’t you?”.
“Yes, yes Master. Please…I need to cum”.  The moment He said Yes I climaxed, pushing myself against Him needing Him, needing to please Him. Pulling on my hair He came, biting my neck and holding me  down. I could barely catch my breath and I was sore from Him using me like that.
He sprawled out onto His back and pulled me close to Him caressing my hair and body. I was aching and raw and I still wanted HIm, so much. It didn’t seem possible to need someone this badly. He continued touching me, kissing me. Fondling my breasts and grabbing my hips he was able to make me desperate again for Him. I noticed He was growing hard for me again. Once again He rolled on top of me and entered me. The pain was sharp and I wasn’t sure if i could keep at it. “Your hurting me, you’re too big”. He paused and looked at me…”If you can’t use the safe word. Im going to fuck you while your sore and still trembling.”  I dont know why that turned me on so much but I didnt protest too much after that. We were both so urgent for each other. He pushed my legs against my chest forcing Himself even more into me. I had never felt anything like this before, He w as hitting spots that I hadnt even thought He could. The pleasure was so intense. He came shortly after, and I began to sob. “Hush kitten, come here”. He took me into His arms. The pleasure and release had been so intense I couldnt help myself. But laying there with Him holding me, soothing me, I knew I didnt want it any other way. I had never felt something like this ever before.

Later, laying in bed for the night we began discussing fantasies and major turn ons for ourselves. I told Him what i would do if i had my own pets, how i would let them watch as He fucked me and make them clean up after, never allowing them to have the satisfaction of Him fucking them. I could tell He liked what i was telling Him. He began stroking His cock, groping my breasts as He did so. Without saying anything i grabbed one of my vibrators and laid with my face down and my ass up and began playing with myself. Each gasp and moan I let out seemed to drive Him even more crazy for me. He knealed behind me as He continued to jerk off, massaging my ass. Minutes later I could feel His cum cascacding down my ass and onto my back. He rubbed it all over with His cock, leaving me wet and sticky and sore …..and wanting to do it again.


At His Pleasure

The 1st time we used the ropes is something I’ll never forget. Master had me strip for Him then laid me down on the bed. He ordered me not to move, to remain perfectly still. The ropes felt so soft on my skin. He took His time tying my legs and hands to the bed so that I lay completely spread open in front of Him. He barely touched me and already I was dripping for Him.

When He finished tying the last knot He stood at the foot of the bed and just stared at me. I felt so vulnerable and exposed. It was exhilarating. I flexed against the ropes a little bit. There was no give I was completely at His mercy. Master began to undress, never taking His eyes off me. I yearned to be able to touch Him, to stroke His cock, kiss him. Anything. No matter how much i tried to move or pull the restraints i couldn’t get close. I needed Him. My whole body ached for His touch on my skin, to feel his weight on me. He climbed onto the bed and kneeled between my legs. One finger stroked my clit, making me moan and twist even harder against the restraints. I felt myself grow even more wet, i didn’t even think it was even possible. The grin on His face let me know He could feel my body’s response to Him.  And He loved it. He knelt down and began kissing my thighs, working His way up, His tongue slowly caressing the outside of my lips, feeling cold on my hot flesh. I cried out desperately, already begging Him to stop teasing me. He continued to trace His tongue along me, refusing to do the one thing I was begging Him to do. I was dripping for Him, needing Him to fill me, use me, and satisfy my need. Instead He rests Himself on my chest, cock stiff and inviting in front of my face. “Is pet hungry?” He grabbed my hair and pulled my head towards His cock, forcing it past my lips. God this is what i craved, needed. To be His little slut, to serve Him anyway He wanted. His gasps and moans as His cock slide in and out of my mouth only made me more wild and more determined to please Him, to make Him cum all over me. He forced my head down even further, making me gag and choke. That seemed to make Him lose all sense of control. He pulled away and grabbed my hips, roughly pushing His big cock into me. I let out a small cry as He thrust deep into me. Not being able to wrap my legs around Him was driving me insane and I longed to be able to move with Him. But that was not going to happen. He was taking what was His and I couldn’t stop Him. I was His plaything. I began to tense up as i realized i was about to climax and i begged Him not to stop. And then He did “Not yet pet, not until I tell you to” It was torture to resist the sensation that was overwhelming me. He continued to move in me, my body shaking with anticipation. Then those four little words “Cum for me pet”.  And i exploded. Waves seemed to crash over me, and i let out a scream as my body spasmed from the force. I was still writhing when my Master pulled out and came all over my face and breasts.

He quickly untied my hands and legs. Picking me up and carried to the bathroom. He turned the shower on and gently cleaned me up. He kissed my wrists where the ropes had chaffed and massaged my shoulders.

Wrapping me in a towel He embraced me and whispered in my ear “Good job kitten, very good job”.

My First Night

  • The night we decided to begin our dom/ sub relationship my Master issued his first command. A text reading: If you are serious then remove your panties before dinner and show them to me. Master. I immediately felt a rush of excitement. I knew him well enough to know that if I did not obey I would quickly be punished for it. Slipping into my work bathroom I removed my panties and put them in my purse and left work.  The feeling  of walking downtown in a dress completely bare thrilled me and I couldn’t wait to show Master. Reaching the restaurant I walked in and slipped into the booth across from him. Before he could ask me I discreetly opened my purse and showed him what was hidden there. The smile he gave me was well worth it. ” Good job Pet, very good job”. He reached for my hand and gently stroked it with his thumb sending chills along my spine.  Master took the liberty of ordering my dinner for me, from the wine to how my steak was cooked. We discussed the rules for our relationship and what we wanted from each other. As we left the restaurant he placed a hand on the back of my neck leading me out, signalling I belonged to him. 

I couldn’t wait……..