Submissive Choices

I happened upon this the other day when i was looking up different types of submissives and definitions. I can tell you that this is not a comprehensive or complete list, but it is a good starting point to understand yourself and your preferences.  I know that i identify partly as a romantic submissive. so while i am devoted and obey Master, and focus on His pleasure it is because i love Him and i do it out of affection and adoration. And a lot of our interactions are based on that. At the same time i also identify with some of aspects of the “slave ” submissives as well. It can create a very interesting dynamic..least for me. I encourage everyone to look into the types of submissives, but dont label yourself as one thing or another. Find different aspects that you like from all of them or only one. Enjoy your kinks 🙂 Get your nasty on

I love Sex

there is nothing more enjoyable to me then sex ( except perhaps food). there is always that initial tingling that course through my body when He touches me, when i feel His lips on my neck, or feel His cock pressing against me. i experience a
feeling of breathlessness as my clothes are removed and i can feel bare skin on bare skin. few things make me feel like more of a woman then being spread out beneath Him, His full weight on me and knowing that He is just as eager as i am to begin. But rarely does He do things rushed. He teases me, caresses me, bites me. He does everything that He knows will drive me crazy, and He knows every trick.
The moment He enters me….driving every inch into me, without fail i let out a moan or a cry, no matter how long its been, or if we just had sex it always feels like the first time with Him, because of the anticipation that He builds in me. Before long i am calling out His name as i cum over and over, begging for more, not to stop. But i am not the only one who is losing themselves. His thrusts become harder and deeper, if we started out gentle and loving it is not that way any longer. The animal that is always there has broken through and is not only claiming Him but me as well. Finally that moment when He cries out and bites my neck, burying Himself as deep as He can go, filling me.

That is why i love sex. it is the deepest connection that you can have with someone and you are at your most vulnerable. Not just physically
exposed but mentally and emotionally as well. we all have issues with how we look sometimes ( on several occasions the thought of squeezing into slutty lingerie made me nervous) but to let someone into the deepest most depraved corners of your mind ( well at least in my case) can be scary.Master is still learning what i like and what gets me going. It’s trial and error and that is what’s so much fun. But ease your partner into it. It can sometimes be overwhelming for them. It took me months to reveal to Master my preference for Hentai porn. Once i did though i was pleasesd
to find out that it was something He enjoyed as well. And so sometimes when we are feeling particularly naughty we will watch a video together and i can
confirm that we never finish it. we are too quick to get entangled with each other.
Despite the fact that my preferences as a submissive runs towards the darker more depraved aspects of it i am actually a romantic at heart and technically fall under the category of “romantic submissive” ( i will be doing a piece soon on terms in BDSM).  From a very young age reading romance novels and reading the descriptions of the passionate almost desperate sex between the main characters drove me to the edge. Strong male characters who protected their women but took them when and where they wanted. THat was something i always craved, and i am grateful that i have found my strong Man.

Sex can be so much fun if people would let themselves relax and enjoy it. One of Masters favorite things is to have me face Him and play with myself until i cum. It doesnt matter how many times i have done this before. Not only does it turn Him on to watch His pet but He learns what  i like, how i like to be touched. And i love watching Him as well. It is important to do this i think. You know yourself better then anyone else. If you dont show your partner what you like then you have no right to be upset when your needs are met. Simple as that.

Toys are also another fun aspect of my relationship. Master would never feel less than a man just because i have my  toys. And they can be so much fun as a couple. He loves teasing me with my favorite little vibrator, watching me squirm and pant as He lightly touches my hot spots.And so many toys are water proof it makes everything that much more fun.

Ladies, costumes are not just for us either. Men in lingerie is not appealing to me, but Master knows what outfits drive me insane ( his military uniform, shirtless with just jeans). Let your partner know what clothing you enjoy.

Even if you are in a submissive/ dominant relationship with someone there is a level of trust and caring that few people are able to experience. Capitalize on that.
This is your truest self, dont be afraid to show it, this is your safe place. With someone who respects and enjoys that about you.

I am who I am

I lay secure to the bed. Arms and legs fastened to each of the four corners. I have a little give with the ropes but not much. Laying there naked and waiting i realize this why i chose to be a sub. To give control of my pleasure to another. I can hear Master walking around the room admiring me, letting the anticipation build. It is these few minutes where i find myself. I listen to the rise and fall of my breathing, i feel myself trembling, waiting for his touch never knowing when i will be graced with the feel of his hands on my body. I am in my own world while i wait to serve Him. I realize that for the first time i have found my place. It is as his play thing, his toy, his “pet”. Everything before this meant nothing. There was no connection as strong as the one I have with my Master. These moments alone allow me to serve Him better and to serve myself. It is an awakening. I continue to wait;anxious and a little nervous but excited… so excited. Continue reading

Under Control

Domination = Rough

This is not always true. When one hears the word domination/ submission in the context of BDSM it is most commonly associated with the rough grab you by the neck face down and ass up fucking ( which lets be frank is amazing). But to dominate does not always mean to be rough and aggressive. Control can come in many forms. It can be as simple as a look or brief touch.
Different situations call for different approaches. Master most commonly uses touch to put me in my place. A hand on the back of my neck and a squeeze is all it takes for me to know that i am in trouble. His hand running down my back, barely touching me is enough to send shivers down my spine and let me know that i belong to Him.
Touch is his way of controlling me. Laying in bed at night his hands caress my thighs, my neck and back. Lips on my throat and neck.
His fingers barely brushing my panties….stroking and teasing for what seems like forever. Then finally getting me to the point where i am soaking wet and begging, panting, screaming for Him to use me anyway that HE demands or wants. That’s how he shows his control. And He doesn’t need to tie me down or restrain me to get me to listen. Just the threat of Him stopping is enough to put me on my best behavior.

Out in public he rarely leaves me by myself and is always touching me somehow. Holding my hand, arm around my waist. Not only does he let me
know who i belong to but he makes damn sure that everyone else knows.
He is my wolf, i His kitten. And while he protects me and adores me He knows how to make me do anything and everything he wants..with little to no effort. He dominates my mind as well as my body. i am always thinking of ways to please Him make Him happy, perform for Him.

How does your Master/ Dom control you?

Hello Everyone

Good Morning to my Darlings
i know that i have not been posting as frequently as i used to. That tricky thing called life has caught up with me unfortunately ( i am also
planning my birthday party and Masters, mine is Oct 8th). I will be having some new content up soon including more product reviews hopefully
and Master has agreed to write some pieces for the Dominants section as well : )
So keep an eye out for that! I have not forgotten you and everything will return to normal soon.

May your days be filled with lots spankings, whippings and good fucks!

Lady Maeve

Hours of Fun

Snoro Vibrator

One of my favorite products ever. its small and discreet and oh so fun.
Its multispeed functions are incredible. From pulsating to quick short vibrations you are bound to find something that you will like. Personally
i love the color and the fact that it has a purple/pink light as well. Not only does this do magic as a personal vibrator but it can also
be used as a cock ring for even more fun with you and your partner. What i like about it as a cock ring is  that unlike traditional rings
this one is not rigid plastic. It actually has a piece of flexible silicon attached to a small ring that can be placed on the outside of
the vibrating piece. its good because there is no danger of not being able to get it off of your partner and i find that it
rests exactly where it needs to to get the job done ; )
Furthermore it is USB chargable. You can plug it into your computer or even a car charger ( yes i have done this while on long road trips ) which
makes this insanely convenient when on the go. I would highly recommend that you try  this product out for yourselves as Master nad i have
enjoyed hours of fun with it.

– Hold button for three (3) seconds to turn on
-click button once each time you want to cycle through the speeds
-Hold for three (3) seconds to turn off




Discovering Myself

When i first started to realize that i was extremely turned on by the idea of a BDSM relationship, of being spanked and tied up, completely at the mercy of my partner i thought something was wrong with me. where as other teen girls were appalled at the idea of being tied up and left to the devices of the villain in novels, i was aroused. i didn’t know what to think of this. i would never condone forcing anyone to do something they are not agreeable to ( sex, touching etc) but the thought of this happening to me peaked my interests. i would often fantasize about being caught in a gym locker room by a team of randy Rugby players and being forced to serve them in anyway imaginable ( to be clear i would never do this in real life but the fantasy has always turned me on). When i began to have sex i quickly noticed that a lot of guys seemed to be intimidated by the idea of being dominant and taking charge. When i would beg for them to take what was theirs, to show me who i belonged to they would timidly smack my ass or pull my hair. Needless to say i was left wanting, unhappy. i would put what i wanted on the back burner because it was convenient.

When i began my relationship with my Master he made sure to discuss what i wanted, what i liked. the sex that we began to have was insane and i finally felt fulfilled. the first time i was hit with a paddle my whole body felt like it was on fire and i was more turned on then i had ever been before. Wearing a collar and leash made me crazy for Him. Making Him happy made me happy, Him controlling my pleasure and the pain was amazing. He would take what was His, owning me, controlling me, but never forcing me to change who i was. i would beg to be His slut, His plaything and he would gladly oblige.

For the first time in forever ( cliche i know) i actually was satisfied with sex and my partner. My needs were and always are met, and i am never left wanting.

My Hardest Moments…

i was asked earlier today what the hardest time for me as a submissive was. this is a complex answer for me. if we are talking about one event
specifically it would have to be after my dad passed away. i was in a dark and very lonely place and i could not find any reason to be a perfect submissive to my Master when i couldn’t even control my own emotions. i was under a great deal of stress and was always tired and irritated. if i had tried to be His submissive, His pet i think i would have ended up resenting Him. Being the amazing man that He is he
understood this and stepped up to take care of me even more so. My dad was the rock in my life and Master easily took on the role for me.
To be honest i don’t know how i would have managed without Him. We are now starting to get back into the swing of things and i am more eager than ever to serve because He took the time to make sure i was in the right mental state to be able to assume my roles and for that i am so grateful. He never once demanded of me something i could not give.

In a more general sense at least once a week i find it hard to be a submissive. Some days i am too tired or too stressed to want to cater
to Him. Other days i have body issues and so the last thing i want to do is squeeze into skimpy lingerie ( i went from 220pds to 130 in the past few years). And sometimes i just want to be alone with my bf and do average couple things. Master knows this and so those days He makes sure to pay a little more attention
to me or to treat me to something i really like ( this usually involves a very long session of Him going down on me 😉

It will always be a battle between what you want and don’t want. I’m not going to lie. Some days you will be mad at Him or want to
punish Him. Communication. Communicate to Him how you feel. Make sure you have an open dialogue. Plan to take one day that you
both put your roles aside. Decide together.

Hopefully this was insightful to my lovely kittens, princesses, littles and pets 🙂 and thank you to Mrs. A for suggesting this 🙂

Thank you

I just wanted to say thank you so far to the people who have started following me and beginning friendships with some of you. As my site continues to grow and I write more I would love to know what my readers and followers would like or what they dislike. A the end of the poll dont hesitate to leave comments of what you would like to see me discuss, topics that are important to you or who i can make the site even better.

I need Him….I am His

Being a submissive is a funny thing. I essentially am going against everything I was taught and everything society tells women. Think about it
we are told we do not need a man to do anything. We can take care of ourselves, we are strong, fierce and independent. Loathe the man who
wants to take care of us, shelter us, or control us. And yet…that is exactly why i chose to be sub. i have always craved being taken care
of, to have someone who loves me and cares for me enough to want to protect me and look after me. And He wants someone who is devoted to Him
in every way possible, to completely trust Him. That is why i chose to be HIS submissive and no one else. This is not a game for us or
a role play exercise. This is who we are at our core. And that is why it works. It is not always easy. There are days neither one of us
wants to be in the roles that we chose. There are periods where it falls by the wayside because of personal situations ( I lost my father in May), or work.
It is normal. It is a taxing decision to be in a D/s relationship. But it is worth it. At least i think so. In the past i always was thinking
of how to make my partner happy, over-thinking ( we women do this a lot) things during sex and not enjoying myself. i don’t have this problem anymore.
Everything is decided for me. i can focus on me and Him. That’s it that’s all. His pleasure comes from having me serve Him in whatever way He wants.
And i get the strong, dominant man i have always craved. There is nothing more satisfying then when He comes home and throws me on the bed, lifts my ass up
and taking me because it is His right to. I cannot say no ( not that i ever really want to). Or to have Him push me against the wall and open my legs while He
uses His tongue to show me who i belong to.

I belong to Him, but that does not mean i am not my own person. There have been many times where we clash or get frustrated at each other.
This is never gonna be easy, but i don’t want easy. I want rough, i want the storms and  the darkness that comes along with this. i am
finally satisfied and happy, all because of Him.